Since 2006 we have successfully developed projects in Spain, Egypt, Mexico and Argentina.
We take care of the entire development process, including:
- Land search and negotiation.
- Access point.
- Permits and licenses.
- Environmental impact studies.
- Resource studies.
- Project engineering.
- International public and private tenders.
- International public and private tenders.
- Financial closure (Project Finance).
- Sale of Ready to Build or Ready to Bid projects.


We have extensive experience in the turnkey execution of medium-sized photovoltaic projects. Our flexible structure allows us to adjust our resources to the needs of each project or country to provide a competitive and solvent offer with the support of an engineering team with extensive experience in the sector.


Our extensive experience in high capacity communications systems in power environment in critical application together with our capabilities for high and low level software development allows us to offer SCADA and SECURITY solutions (CCTV, perimeter security and Access Control) in Photovoltaic Plants.